Strong Over 50™ is a revolutionary NEW training program based on the patent-pending SO-50™ Fitness System.

What the Professionals Say… 

"We strongly believe that this concept and product is the next big innovation for the fitness industry."
Michael Rattenni, Owner, Rapid Fitness
Raleigh, NC

"Becoming a certified SO-50 facility was one of the smartest business decisions I have ever made. I have never seen ROI on an ad like the ads I ran based on Strong Over 50."
Sheila Kalas, Owner, Fitness Plus
Lexington, KY

"The SO-50 has been a useful tool in our clinic for incorporating upper and lower extremity strengthen while focusing on core training. Its design provides added stability during suspension training."
Scott Crook PT & Erin VanZanten PT,DPT
Performance Physical Therapy


SO-50 in Salt Lake City!
Strong Over 50 Salt Lake City was featured on the KUTV Morning Show, Friday March 1st.

National Fitness Program for Baby Boomers Now in Kentucky

OCT 12: LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 12, 2012) - Lexington's longest-standing personal training company, Fitness Plus, is the only facility in Kentucky to have certified trainers and exclusive products for the "Strong Over 50" program.
Click here to read the entire Press Release.

Rapid Fitness Becomes First Gym In The United States To Offer New “Strong Over 50” Program

OCT 10: RALEIGH, N.C. – Rapid Fitness, the Triangle’s leading gym and fitness center, has announced that it has become the first gym in the United States to offer “Strong Over 50,” a revolutionary, progressive fitness concept that changes the way a person above the age of 50 exercises and stays fit. Click here to read the entire Press Release.

OCT 10: Featured in American Fitness Magazine's blog